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Sienna Ball

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Small: Heigh 5,8cm x Width 5cm - Weight: 40g 
Large: Heigh 6,5cm x Width 7,5cm - Weight: 190g 
 This work of art that brings sophistication and warmth to your interior. Made of 100% SoyWax and 100% cotton wick. You can pair it up with our other candles from the collection.
They are all hand poured to order. Little imperfections as small bubbles and irregularities may be expected, but do not effect the quality of the candle. For the best results, trim the wick to 1/4 before each use and burn in increments of 4 hours. We recommend placing the candle on a plate. 
This Sculptural candle are designed for decorative purpose, if you don't burn it be advised 'frosting' may occur and this is a natural effect of the soy wax.